Trust Administration Services

Silver Falls 2We pride ourselves on our ability to assist clients with the administration of their loved one’s estate while remaining in tune to their emotional needs during this challenging process. Our background also helps us navigate the complexities of the court system if needed. We provide a free two hour consultation for our clients after a loved one has passed away. We find it easier to help the successor trustee, personal representative, or executor get started on the right track rather than attempting to undo mistakes made in the beginning. There are often crucial decisions and actions that need to be made right from the outset, such as whether to disclaim property and the need to change the locks of the residence. 

In our role, we represent the successor trustees, personal representatives, and executors and ensure they comply with the terms of the governing instrument and Oregon law. Trusts often name several different trustees who have varying roles. For example, trusts can contain separate trustees in the event a client is disabled rather than deceased. There may also be trustees who are in charge of children’s Lifetime Trusts or who manage other sub-trusts, such as a Bypass Trust and a Marital Trust. These sub-trusts require the administrative trustee to obtain an EIN along with other requirements.

Additionally, we ensure that any required tax returns are filed, including an OR706 if the gross estate exceeds $1 million. While a trust administration can be accomplished without the need for the court, a probate requires frequent court filings and accountings. Personal representatives and executors (if there was not a Will) must follow these steps carefully with the guidance of an attorney. We pride ourselves in being available for our clients every step of the way, whether they simply need comfort, legal advice, or explanations of the process.